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What is Ramifi?

And how does it fight inflation?

Ramifi is a project whose aim is to take on the role of money in the new decentralized economy being built. There have been many clever attempts, with each growing progressively more sophisticated than the last from USDT to DAI to Ampleforth. USDT gave us an easy off ramp to escape the volatility inherent to the crypto markets. DAI did the same without the need to trust that a 3rd party had the reserves to make good on its debts. AMPL took it a step further without the need for over collateralization of assets for it to be produced.

Stablecoins are all aiming to become a decentralized store of value, yet they all fall short with being pegged to the US Dollar, whose value is continuously decreasing. The USD is a global medium of exchange recognized across the globe and is a denomination that people understand, an understandable choice for stablecoins.

The solution then is not to try to create a new medium of exchange, but rather to continue using it while implementing a built in hedge that ignores any further increases in USDs supply, and the resulting loss of purchasing power it inherits.

This can be done by simply taking a "snapshot" of what the products and goods we use today cost, and then adjusting our stable coins relative USD value via supply constriction to ensure it continues to have that purchasing power. Put simply, equal and opposite deflation to counter act USD inflation.

Inflation is taxation without legislation.

Milton Friedman